Silk Musk Eau De Parfum 100ml – Our Version



  • Top notes of Lilly of the valley
  • Middle notes musk
  • Base notes of vanilla



Introducing our captivating and sensual fragrance, Silk Musk Eau de Parfum, designed for both men and women who exude confidence and elegance.

The top notes of lily of the valley provide a fresh and crisp scent that will awaken your senses, while the middle notes of musk bring an earthy and woody depth to the fragrance, creating a perfect balance between floral and musky notes.

But the true heart of this fragrance lies in the base notes of vanilla, providing a sweet and warm aroma that lingers long after the initial application. The vanilla notes also add a hint of sensuality and playfulness, making this fragrance suitable for any occasion.

Our Silk Musk Eau de Parfum is the ultimate expression of sophistication and refinement. It is perfect for those who appreciate a subtle yet distinct scent that can enhance their overall personality and style. The smooth and silky texture of this fragrance will wrap you in a cocoon of luxury, leaving you feeling confident and alluring throughout the day or night.

Embrace the allure of our version of Silk Musk Eau de Parfum and experience the exquisite blend of floral and musky notes with a touch of sweetness that will leave you and those around you captivated.

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