Indian Dahn Al Oud Fragrance Oil – Our Version



  • Top Notes: Agarwood, Oriental notes, lime, basil, kyara incense, pine, bitter almond & fruity notes
  • Middle Notes: Resin, Cedar, orchid, Lilly of the valley, rose amberwood, vanilla & jasmine
  • Base Notes: Agarwood, leather, tobacco, amber, musk sandalwood, patchouli & oakmoss



Introducing our Exquisite Indian Dahn Al Oud Fragrance Oil – A Captivating Olfactory Journey!

🌟 Top Notes: Envelop yourself in an intoxicating embrace of Agarwood, igniting with Oriental allure, zesty Lime, and the invigorating essence of Basil. Experience the mystique of Kyara Incense intertwined with the verdant aroma of Pine, the nutty allure of Bitter Almond, and a tantalizing hint of luscious Fruity Notes.

🌸 Middle Notes: As you delve deeper, be captivated by the resinous warmth, enriched by Cedar, and harmonized by the delicate elegance of Orchid. The whisper of Lilly of the Valley and the sweet caress of Rose Amberwood entwine with the creamy indulgence of Vanilla, all crowned with the timeless opulence of Jasmine.

🔥 Base Notes: The grand finale is nothing short of spectacular – a symphony of Agarwood returns, now deeply enriched with the leathered embrace of Tobacco, the golden Amber, and the sultry sensuality of Musk. Sandalwood lends its signature warmth, Patchouli its earthy charm, and Oakmoss its green, woody allure, leaving an indelible mark on your senses.

Indian Dahn Al Oud Fragrance Oil – Where Olfactory Artistry Meets Timeless Elegance. Indulge in the Exquisite!