Tor scents : pain fruit, grapefruit, pineapple, tangerine, large strawberries.
middle scents: peonies, vanilla orchids, red berries, jasmine and valley lily.
essential scents: musk, woody scents and oak moss.

there’s a bomb in every woman. trust and audacity in America. 1 fragrance* is a glossy blend of fresh peonies and noon sun. citrus scents and purple brazilin passion fruit begin with bright and strange sparkle. the heart of the fragrance is bloomed with the distinctive flowers of pomchel: clean pioni and Shangri-La petals from Tibet. Madagascar vanilla adds a sweet creamy ingredient. but the Italian pine nuts that give bombshell an unparalleled aromatic touch. it was previously reserved for masculine fragrances, but was a pioneer for women with the creation of bombshell, and the smell is captured at the moment of heating the Ligurian pine from the afternoon sun.